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No Damage Guarantee:

Rest assure our removal team take the utmost care with  your possessions, unfortunately though accidents do  happen. This is why MelkuinMovers offers all our  customers peace of mind with a NO DAMAGE  GUARANTEE. Whereby if your furniture is damaged  whilst being in transit or moved by one of our  MelkuinMovers staff members, it will be repaired or  compensated. Action on this will be agreed to by both  parties at the time of the move in accordance to the  following terms and conditions.

Repaired Items:

All repaired items will be done by an  appropriately qualified service chosen by MelkuinMovers.  Repaired items will be close to the condition of the item  prior to damage. No further compensation is given for the  decrease in value to the item after the repair.


Monies given to replace the item if it is  broken beyond repair. The monies given will match the  approximate dollar value of the item at the time of the  breakage.

To be eligible:

To claim our NO DAMAGE GUARANTEE  the items covered by the guarantee MUST be packed &  loaded by a MelkuinMovers employee. All Boxes or prepackaged  items packed &/or loaded by the customer are  voided from this guarantee. During your move you  MUST be present at the address for the whole duration  of the move to be covered by the guarantee. If you must  leave and have not appointed a person to be your  representative in your absence, the no damage guarantee  is voided and billing will charged as declared by our  employees on the day. It is always our preference for  yourself or a representative of your choice to be present  for your move to avoid any billing discrepancies.

Important Notification:

To claim our no Damage  Guarantee a MelkuinMovers staff member must be  notified of your claim intensions whilst staff are still  present at the residence on the date on your move or the  guarantee is voided. We are only liable for loss or damages  caused by our negligence. If you choose to participate we  do not cover damages caused by you. Claims made may be  investigated by MelkuinMovers before compensation is  awarded to determine the fault. Once the box on our  paperwork stating “I am satisfied and happy with MelkuinMovers Pty Ltd   service and all of my furniture has been  transported safely.” Has been signed by yourself or your  chosen representative no further compensation will be  awarded for any reason.

Some items may be exempt from this guarantee:

In  situations where the item cannot be moved without  causing damage to the surrounding environment or to the  item, the item is voided from the guarantee.  Items that are at an unavoidable or unforeseen risk due  to the nature of the item are voided. Electrical goods are  not covered by the guarantee unless damage has been  inflicted to the exterior of the item by us as internal  faults cannot be seen or assessed by us prior to moving  and the item may already be faulty regardless of  handling. Faulty, fragile or difficult to move items will be  assessed and listed prior to being removed which are  exempt from the Guarantee.

Piano removal:

Due to the nature of the item it is  suggested after removal that all pianos are to be  tuned, if this is required it is at no cost to  MelkuinMovers Pty Ltd. Internal damage to this item is not  covered unless external damage has been inflicted by  us.

Insurance Information:

Insurance is provided to us  through Zurich Australian Insurance Limited- Brisbane  and W R Berkley Insurance Ltd we will comply with the  terms and conditions as set out by them. Public liability  limit of indemnity is - $10,000,000.

Your Choice to Participate:

As an effort for our customers to save money, we allow you to participate in the removal process. In the event  that you want to participate in your own move,  MelkuinMovers holds no responsibility for any harm or  damage to you, or your furniture that may result from  you directly participating in the removal of your  possessions.

Rejected Jobs:

MelkuinMovers will always do their best to cater for  your removal needs, unfortunately some circumstances  are unacceptable. MelkuinMovers reserves the right to  reject any job that is a possible health or hazard risk to  its employees.

Arrival times:

Whilst we do our best to be on time it is the nature of our  work that we sometimes have unforeseen delays, such as  traffic, delayed settlement times from previous moves or  unforeseen access difficulties. We will do our best to keep you informed if there are any delays and we only ask for your understanding and patience.

Pre-Quoted Removals:

All quotes given are based on the information you  provide. MelkuinMovers takes no responsibility for  misleading or false information provided. The quotes  given are a guestimate and may not take into account  outside factors that may delay your move and increase  the cost i.e.: Traffic, settlement times and accessibility to  the property which will be charged at a cost to you the  customer. We do our best to provide our customers  with a reasonably accurate quotes but there are some  circumstances that are out of our control.

Cancellation of our services:

Cancellation of our services needs to be done via direct  contact by phone to one of our employees. Cancellation  is to be made 24/hrs in advance. Under special  circumstances cancellation can be made on the day  provided our employees have not left the depots to  provide our services to you and with management  approval. If these conditions are not met you will be  charged one hours labour to cover the costs of  employees and call out expenses.

Payment of Our Services:

Payment of the amount owing for our local services will  take place upon the finalisation of our services and  paper work. Payment for our interstate services will be  done in two transactions, half before the load is due to  leave and the remainder upon the finalisation of our  services. In the event that payment cannot be made  MelkuinMovers reserves the right to hold or seize your  belongings until this amount can be recovered. All  additional expenses and interest acquired in the  recovery process are at a cost to you.

Parties referred to as “we” or “us” in this document refer to Melkuin Movers. “You” and “your” refer to the customer receiving the services provided by MelkuinMovers.

Seumanutafa Family Trust T/A Melkuin Movers Pty Ltd ABN (55945945909) ACN: (609 119 771)

Mailing address & principal place of business: 03 Duranta court Crestmead 4132

Phone: (07)3402-0402 Email: admin@melkuinmovers.com Web: www.melkuinmovers.com


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