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Suggested packing materials you may need for a 3 bedroom house:

5 - big tea chest boxes
20 - small tea chest boxes
2 - Portarobes
2 - rolls of clear tape1 Tape gun
1 - pack of Fragile stickers (fine china)
1 - roll of Bubble wrap (electronics, photos etc.)
1 - Permanent marker 3 rolls of butchers paper/newspaper
Piano Removals
Make sure you have enough boxes, tape and wrap.
Make sure it is all ready to go on the day of the move.
If you prefer we can pack for you.
Run out of boxes? Need some packing tape? Purchase all your packing needs right here.

Packagaing Materials

Make sure you have everything ready and packed on the morning of the move.

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Running out of time.  Let our professional team of packers assist you.

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Loose Items

Try and pack all loose items in boxes e.g. bedside drawers, bathroom accessories, kitchen utensils etc.

Before our operators arrive, it's also a good idea to unplug any electrical items so all leads are packed and ready to go. This saves time and keeps the cost of your move to a minimum.

Remember, the more you do helps minimize the cost and time moving.


Always ensure plenty of time to prepare for packing, moving can be very stressful if you have limited time to prepare so the more organised you are the smoother the whole process will be on the big day. Using second hand boxes are a great idea for moving but however good quality boxes for more delicate belongings can prevent tear but most importantly the risk of damaging your priced possessions. so why not spend a few extra cents for better quality packing materials and prevent a whole lot of problems for your move.

Customer D I Y Savings

Need help assembling your furniture? Call us now.
Disassembling beds is a big time saver but never a problem for our operators to help disassemble and re-assemble them at your new home. All Melkuin Mover operators will have tools on the day. Just let our sales team know when you book your move with melkuinmovers over the phone or let us know by typing it in the comments section of the enquiries form on the website. Our service is to make your move as comfortable as possible.

Quick Labels

Coloured stickers are a great idea for labelling boxes if you are moving more than 20, the last thing you want is to be standing in between two operators who are constantly asking where you want the boxes placed.  Before our operators arrive at the new home, place the coloured stickers in front of the rooms you want your boxes placed. our removalists will match the labels leaving you more relaxed while our removalists carry on with you move.